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Cinnamon – Keep Reading



    Love the theme so far just cant figure out a few things.

    How do I get the “keep reading” option on my posts so there isn’t so much text showing?


    Hi There,

    Thanks for waiting our response,

    Actually you must add readmore link manualy, please follow this instruction.

    Add a Read-more Link to Tumblr Posts:

    Use a read-more link to focus on your lead sentences, then link readers to the full-version on your blog. Read-more links can go into the text or caption for any post type, except for chat posts.

    1. When using the rich-text editor, identify a spot in your text for the break. Place your cursor there and press the enter key to add a new blank line.
    2. A circled plus-sign icon will appear to the left. Click the plus sign, and four icons will appear.
    3. Click the fourth icon — the gray bar with three white dots — to add a read-more link.
    4. Tumblr inserts a “Keep reading” line. The read-more link is in place.
    5. Publish the post — or queue, schedule or save as a draft.

    Update: Tumblr has a keyboard shortcut for the read more link. While in the post form, press Command + Shift + K (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + K (Windows).

    Hope this helps,



    Awesome thanks so much! I didn’t even know that existed haha!

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