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template noe switched to "wooden" from Centric?


    Help! My template is going bonkers. I tried to add a featued post using Centric by adding the “#featured” hashtag to those posts… first it broke and switched to Doily Theme.

    Now, inexplicably, after I deleted the hashtags and reinstalled, a new theme referenced in the broken code which shows up on the main page of my Tumblr says “Theme: Wooden”

    What’s up? This is super frustrating! I dont even know where it’s pulling images from! All of this sucks for me because I use this page as a portfolio of ongoing projects to get more work. Please help!



    Hi There,

    Thanks for waiting our response,

    Could you show to us your site please?. Actually you got missed to install featured tag post please read here

    Hope this helps,



    I followed those instructions extremely carefully.

    The first installation, I tagged a photo-post “featured” as the instructions say to do.

    Upon refreshing the updated site, I saw the “Doily” theme instead. Same content, but the background had changed into this black and purple doily pattern.

    I then edited the post to remove the “featured” tag to undo the last action I had taken. Upon reloading the site, the site “Broke” — everything was in plaintext, with a few basic navigation links.

    After this, I deleted everything in the HTML box and installed the code for Centric a second time. Again, I tried to make a text-and-photo post to show up as “featured”. Again, I changed the title to Featured and again added the “featured” tag.

    Again, after reloading the site, I got the doily theme.

    Again I deleted the tag, and on reloading, I saw the woody theme, with the visible excerpt of code that appeared at the top of the page.

    A THIRD time I deleted and repasted the Theme HTML. This time, I changed the Featured hashtag from “featured” to “newness” just to see if changing the tag could make a difference. It did not.


    Hi There,

    If possible give us access to your dashboard tumblr. there are need some settings options. I saw your code have been modify. I’ll switch it to default centric theme.

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